Fovea Creative. Founded in 2019, Fovea Creative brews creativity and marketing strategies from South Florida. An agency dedicated to crafting quality products for the do-gooders, the dreamers, the believers – the ones who change things for the better. Guided by the belief that artists, nonprofits, small businesses, and socially and environmentally responsible organizations should have access to affordable, well-executed marketing products and guidance. With a clear vision for the future, Fovea Creative strives to help the underdogs rise up and propel humanity forward. Our philosophy is simple – marketing for good, marketing for the people. With the highest visual acuity, we see you. Let us help you tell your story.

Amanda Moore, Founder. From the start, Amanda has set out to pursue strategic marketing and social media content creation as a way to help do-gooders, dreamers, and believers amplify and manage their voices. With over nine years of industry experience in marketing and a Master’s in Communication, Technology, and Society, Amanda brings unique insights to the table. Previously, she served as Clemson University’s Associate Director of the Social Media Listening Center, where she led projects with Sports Illustrated, Prisma Health, NPR, Duke Energy, South Carolina Emergency Management Division, Clemson Univerity Police Department, and more. Over the years, she’s helped organizations revamp their social media and digital presence, through SEO, content creation, crisis communication, partnership acquisition, and compelling storytelling. In other roles, she’s secured media coverage with NBC’s The TODAY Show, BBC, National Geographic, Forbes, CNN, Lonely Planet, Telemundo, and more. In her time as a researcher, she produced papers on environmental communication, advertising and media psychology, and television and film, as well as contributed to papers regarding crisis communication, big data, and disinformation. Most recently, she’s helped an organization secure awards for crisis communication and sustainable tourism marketing.